Grow & Scale Your Business by Creating Content and Programs That Attracts Your Tribe, Elevates Your Authority and Increases Your Sales...  Because You Finally Have A Clear Path For How To Monetize Your Experience and Expertise Online!
THE PLAYBOOK walks you step-by-step through the "4 vital steps" to building a strong and influential personal brand in just 4 weeks!  
  • Feel 100% confident that your marketing message is hitting the right spot with your tribe. 
  • Tap into an additional 67% of potential sales, using the "Education Based Marketing Method" to catapult your income and the success of your business.  
  • Build "Bridge" solutions that your tribe is looking for, so your offers are exactly what they are looking for and you can sell more easily. 
  • Build your content marketing playbook so you can attract leads into your personal brand from multiple media channels.
  • Get The Marketing Trifecta that triples the conversion rate on your marketing efforts and time. 
  • Grab The "Content Repurposing" plannerto be 10x more productive with your marketing time. 
  • Map out the 5 "Journey Growth Moves" that allow you to map out the ascension plan for your product suite.
  • Utilize the T.P.S (tribe-problem-solution) Framework to quickly and easily get clarity of your content to offer sequence for seemingly effortless selling. 
Not Sure How To Design Your Personal Brand? 
The Personal Brand Toolkit Is Your 4-Week 
Step-By-Step Game Plan!
WARNING: Don't start a website, blog, or buy any online software until you read this!

Do not buy software, tech or other fancy gizmos until you have the clarity of what your brand is about, what your offers should be and how to create the content that gets people to know, like and trust you enough to be willing to buy from you!

If you have been throwing spaghetti against the wall, frustrated in information overload or stuck on questions like, "what do I do first, second or third", we can help you.

There are 5 fundamental practices and 4-steps to building your personal brand and business that the best marketing and business developers do to create world class brands. 
These fundamental practices will benefit you by: 
1. Finding out what your tribe wants and needs.
2. Elevating your position as an expert in your niche/area of focus.
3. Creating content funnels people engage with and grow your list.
4. Outlining your product suite.
5. Increasing your marketing efforts and productivity by 10x.
6. Tripling your conversions from your marketing. 

All this so your content and offers will convert your prospects into buyers more quickly and easily. And so that you don't feel lost and alone when building your personal brand.

Instead, finally feel confident you know what to do when, where and how when it comes to designing your personal brand with the right foundations. 

If you're ready to get your personal brand game on and totally rock those sales, you are going to love this easy-to-follow Playbook!
Get 'The Personal Brand Playbook' Now
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Ready To Move Closer to Your Own Online Products and Services?
The chicken and the egg...putting the cart before the horse.
I'm Vito La Fata, a former Trainer and Fitness Business Owner, now successful entrepreneur and visionary, and I know how important it is to TODAY to build your personal brand online and have a game plan for how to intelligently design your products and offers so you can help as many people as you want, make more sales, and live the freedom lifestyle you deserve.  

I was lost for years when trying to build my brand... was the classic chicken before the egg debate.

I didn't know do I build my website first? I found out painfully, no.

Do I build my products first? Again, a painful lesson. No. 

Do I need to buy tech and software right now? No.

What does come first then?

Here's what I discovered...

Knowing what to do first, second and third so you can build a timeless brand that provides for your family, lets you stop building other people's dreams, and instead lets you start finally building your own merely a process. 

But, the order you do things in matters. You can own that process and trim your learning curve down by 3/4! 

I had to do learn to build my brand one hour a day, in the early mornings and late night, for 4 years before I could finally go full time with my online personal brand, erase $105,000 of debt, get out of the brick and mortar world, and create a 7-figure online personal brand teaching others how I did it. 

You see, Anna was a former trainer hustling all over L.A. going from client to client, making bank, but had no time freedom, working like a slave.

She was also side hustling as a studio manager working the 5am slots, and she had two failed product development projects. 

The first failed attempt was when Anna tried making a bridal bootcamp DVD series, invested $10,000 of her own money, but soon discovered that with no market to sell too (since she never had content out there or an audience for the product) what she got was a garage full of unsold DVD's.

And then as if that wasn't enough, she tried to get into kid fitness market, creating a business partnership and another failed program because she didn't follow the right steps before she ever made the product and brand. This only cost her $24,000 and years of debt.  

She made the classic, "put the cart before the horse" mistakes. 

She did what so many people unknowingly do, she built her online products before she built her tribe, had her content marketing systems in place, and truly understood what her tribe was following her for and willing to buy from her. Those mistakes cost her over $34,000.

We want you to avoid those mistakes and get ahead faster than we did.
Now 8 years later my wife, Anna Renderer La Fata, and I are passionate about teaching others how to shorten their learning curve and slash the time it takes to build a successful online personal brand so that you can achieve the freedom we believe will make this world, households and relationships a much happier place.

You may know Anna, as the host of the popular PopSugar Fitness brand, that gets a million views a month. But, before she met me Anna walked the long road on her own and made many of the same mistakes I did. 
Here's What You Get:
  • Week 1: How to Build Your Personal Brand in 10-Minute Framework. This week you map out your future brand by developing the "5 Journey Growth Moves" that your tribe will pay you to guide them through. ($100 Value)
  • Education Based Marketing Training. You will know how to capture an additional 67% of your market that would pay for your offers by utilizing this strategy to turn cold prospects into warm buying members of your tribe. ($250 value)
  • Week 2: Deep Dive "Discover Your Tribe" Analysis. Dig into your avatar deeper than you ever have so you can understand them intimately, almost better than they know themselves. Allowing you to carve out a content marketing strategy that will 10x the effectiveness of your marketing. ($500 Value)
  • Niche/Focus/Expertise Selection. If you're like most professionals and experts marketing and sales is last on your list of things you like to do for your business. This lesson will introduce you to what you need to know to transform your marketing strategies to be uber focused on the niche at hand. Think, Blue Ocean Strategy and how to be a big fish in a little pond. ($250 value)
  • Week 3:  T.P.S Framework. Possess the power of cultivating your personal brand so that as an expert you are in the business of solving your tribes problems and giving them their dream solutions. Before you know it, you'll have a tribe of customers eager to hear your message and work with you. ($250 value)
  • Top 10 Keyword/Phrases Marketing Analysis. Searchable content is a top strategy to magnetically draw prospects into your brand. Research the top ways people are looking for help so you can intelligently create the right content, videos, emails, etc. to grow a following excited to buy from you. ($100 value) 
  • The Trifecta of Marketing. In this module you'll know the three elements of marketing you need to understand to find the clients you want to work with and build your business. It's time to make your business grow the way pros are growing it! ($250 value)
  • Week 4: Brainstorm Your Product Suite Grid. Synthesize all your prior work to design the 'backbone' of your brands product suite so that you create an ascension plan from your low tier to mid tier, to high tier programs and build your revenue grid. ($500 value)
  •  Build Your Facebook Group Community To Drive To Products.  A well designed brand is about creating an experience. People come for content, but stay for community. This lesson will help you go deep into building an online community through Facebook to drive interest and traffic to your personal brand. ($250 value)
  • Comprehensive Training Videos that will guide you through 5 steps of strategically planning your Marketing for your business.  This lets you bring in more clients, and most importantly lets you work with the people you like working with. ($250 Value)
  • Printable Worksheets so you can easily map your Playbook and follow along with each lesson and assignment. ($100 Value)
  • BONUS #1: Private VIP FB Group. Meet others just like you and discuss tips for following your Vision and having a successful business! Plus we will have our weekly posts to keep you in the context of the lessons and moving forward. (Priceless)
  • BONUS #2: Three Live “Braintrust” Calls With Anna and Vito- A Braintrust is when we come together to laser coach and get feedback on what you’re working on and building. You will complete certain tasks and the bring them to the call for round table coaching! This is the most valuable thing here! Being in the conversation and environment of others and directly working with Anna and I is how you get critical feedback so you're never working alone and you think outside the box! ($1500 value)
  • BONUS#3: The Social Media Content Generator, this additional course will show you how you can easily plan, create and distribute your message on social media platforms. (This bonus is worth $50)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so if you don't totally love it you risk nothing!
Total Value: $4350
Get 'The Personal Brand Playbook' Now
 Just $297 or 3 Payments of $99
Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back.
Over the years we figured out the marketing, product suite design and authority systems that brings in continuous sales!
  • 1. Knowing your tribe, intimately. You need to know them better then they know themselves. It takes specific strategies to discover how and we'll help you.
  • 2. Your life journey and growth, or what we like to call "stepping stones" so you can design your offers and courses as a learning path that progresses your clients through the same life stages you proved they can be successful at too. 
  • 3. How to narrow down your niche, topic area or field of focus so you can target market your content and become the "big fish in a little pond", make money, then branch out. 
  • 4. What problems and solutions your tribe is searching for, hence willing to buy.
  • 5. How to create a progression out of your product suite so you can ascend the newbies in the market to become your best highest paying clients and build a robust revenue generating business for many years to come. 
  • 6. How to design the funnel of your products so someone can enter at any one place of their choosing. Or, they can move up the funnel. 
Books and lectures only give you theory and general advice. That can take years you don't have. 

Knowing how to implement and set up these systems requires in the trenches practice. It requires getting in the game now with a progression of steps and coaches beside you.

We've been there and done that. 

That's why we teach our students in 4-weeks, what took 8 years and over $500,000 to learn from the best gurus and courses in the world.

The principles and worksheets in the Personal Brand Building Playbook will help you move 10x faster, with effortless ease as you follow along with daily and weekly assignments and DO THE STUFF, not just read about what to do.

The Playbook goes beyond just the action steps you need to take to improve your offers. 

We'll share proven practices synthesized from the most effective marketing strategies of 7-and 8-figure producing brands so you can spread your message and reach more people than you ever imagined. 

If you've been dreaming of a Personal Brand Building Playbook with an easy-to-follow game plans that will show you how to make your offers unstoppable, then this is your next best move! 
Get Clarity On The Steps To Planning Your Personal Brand
Never feel lost or overwhelmed again! 
Design your message, market and platforms so you get paid for your expert content online. 
QUESTION: Do you have consistent, effective marketing strategies in place that:

1. Creates engaging content so your list grows. 
2. Makes your offers on auto-pilot so you get paid.
3. Builds your community and tribe.

We know how stressful it can be figuring out your business on your own, with all the different approaches out there. 
How helpful would it be if you could cut through the noise? 

What if instead of wondering "what next?" you had a streamlined system for designing your personal brand based on fundamentals and principles that will stand the test of time, no matter what technology changes come and go.

We had to piece together from dozens of courses, many masterminds, and hundreds of books what you can own right now, so that tonight you can start working on your personal brand and know you are building things in the right order.

If you want to know the exact strategies we teach to build solid online businesses, then you're going to love this exciting new training!
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The Personal Brand Building Playbook Now!
Learn these proven strategies and systems to start launching your personal brand today!
Get 'Personal Brand Building Playbook' Now
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username and password to gain immediate access.
30 Day No Questions Asked 
Money-Back Guarantee
We know that you'll only feel comfortable enrolling if you trust us. That's why we offer a no questions asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  

That means you have 30 days to try the training out.  

If you don't absolutely love it, just send us an email at [email protected] with your receipt and we'll give you a full refund, and you can keep the training!  You can't lose.

So decide now if you feel this exclusive training will give you the insights you need to plan out your marketing and make those sales. 

We guarantee you'll absolutely love it!
Got Questions?  I've Got Answers!
What exactly is the Personal Brand Building Playbook?
It's an online training program that consists of video trainings, worksheets, coaching calls and a support community so you're being guided and supported on this journey to build your personal brand.  You can access it anytime online.  You have lifetime access! It's all held inside your private VIP Member's area.  It comes with exciting bonuses that we know you'll love.
How will this help me improve my business?
This training was created from expertise we gathered over the years of running a successful business. These are the exact tips and techniques we use, and we teach our clients to gain complete clarity and hit goals with developing their personal brand. 
Do I have to own a business to enroll?
No!  This training is designed for anyone, male or female, who wants to gain more clarity on where and how to share their message, monetize their expertise, and build a personal brand that can change lives.
What if I don't like it?
If for any reason you don't feel this training is for you then we'll refund 100% of your money and you can keep the training as our gift to you.
Will these steps really work for me?
Yes!  These steps apply to anyone!  They will show you how to plan the foundation of your personal brand, create your messaging the right way and be the solution people are looking for as you design your product suite. 
How much time will it take?
This is a very quick and easy training to complete.  It is a simple 4 step program, with action steps and  videos. We have other trainings that go deeper in how you can build a profitable brand. If you would like more info on those please visit my site at
Get 'Personal Brand Building Playbook' Now
 Just $297 or 3 Payments of $99
This is an online course. After your payment you create your 
username and password to gain immediate access.
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